4 Leather Products You Need Right Now

If you’re looking for luxury leather handcrafted with careful attention to detail, you’ve come to the right place. At Sarge Leather Company in Greer, SC, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line luxury leather goods and give our customers a lifetime guarantee. We have searched far and wide for the best leather materials available to create unique pieces of genuine luxury that will last for years. Here are four classic leather products from Sarge Leather Company you need now!

Travel Bags

Whether you’re going on a business trip or an extended vacation, our luxury leather travel bags have covered you. Our handcrafted luxury pieces are designed to last through any adventure and hold all your essential items while keeping them safe in style. You can trust our luxury leather travel bags, from luggage to backpacks, to get you and your belongings from point A to B with stylish protection. 


Our luxury leather backpacks are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Our handcrafted luxury pieces come in various sizes, colors, and shapes to fit your needs. In addition, our luxury leather backpacks are designed with quality materials that guarantee maximum comfort no matter how you wear them or what they carry. With our luxury leather backpacks, you’ll always look put together while being able to carry all your necessities on the go!

Garment Bags

Our luxury leather garment bags are perfect for traveling in style. Our luxury leather material guarantees that your clothes will be protected from dirt and wrinkles, giving you a polished look every time! So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our luxury leather garment bags help ensure that you always look your best.

Quality Coasters

Bring out the best in luxury leather with our handcrafted luxury coasters. Our luxury leather coasters protect your furniture from pesky water rings while adding a stylish touch to any home decor. Get this top-grain Colombian cowhide leather coaster for your table set today!

At Sarge Leather Company, we offer luxury leather goods handcrafted with careful attention to detail. Our luxury pieces look great and provide a lifetime guarantee for our customers’ peace of mind. With leather products ranging from travel bags and backpacks to garment bags and coasters, there is something for everyone to get at Sarge Leather Company!

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