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When you travel regularly, whether it’s for recreation, work, family, or competition, you know that having high-quality travel accessories and tools is key to a having a successful travel experience. While many people think that travel bags are essentially the same across the board, seasoned travelers know that a great bag made from high-quality materials and designed with travel in mind can make all the difference in any traveling experience. At Sarge Leather Company, we’re travel enthusiasts and seasoned explorers, too. That’s why we’ve created a line of travel bags and accessories made to help you keep everything organized, protected, and ready to go! Learn more about our luxury leather bags made with your travel needs in mind and get started shopping today!

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Travel Bags

Staying organized and ready for anything while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult! With a wide range of bags designed specifically for travel needs, you can curate the perfect set of travelling accessories and tools to ensure that your every trip goes smoothly. Some of our most popular Sarge Leather Company travel bags are our duffel bags, designed to hold everything you need for a weekend trip, week-long trip, and even longer trips! The Small Weekender Duffle Bag is the perfect size for a spontaneous getaway or last-minute work trip, but if you’re heading out with more items in tow, you might want to check out our Medium Weekender Duffle Bag, or even our Large Leather Duffle Bag with U-Shape Zipper that’s perfect for packing everything you might possibly need while traveling. 

Of course, traveling requires organizing your everyday-use items, and you can easily make sure everything is in its place with the Leather Shave Bag for all your daily shaving essentials. Keep other body care items in place with the Leather Hanging Dopp Kit, and even protect your formal clothing and nicer items with the Leather Tri-Fold Garment Bag! Shop our Travel Bags online today to get everything you need to hit the airport or the road like a seasoned pro. 

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Work Essentials

If you travel for work, you know that having bags to keep your laptop, your notebooks, and everything else you need to be prepared for every meeting, email, and call is key. Our work essentials are designed with professionals like yourself in mind, and they’re handcrafted with loving attention paid to every detail. You can be sure that your leather work essentials like the Escriba Journal Cover and the Exitoso Zippered Leather Portfolio will withstand not just the test of time, but also withstand wear and tear, daily use, and more. If you need to be sure that you have your laptop with you at all times, check out our Jefe Leather Messenger Briefcase, or carry all your essentials in one bag with the Alma Leather Backpack! No matter what kind of work essentials you need, Sarge Leather Company has you covered with handcrafted, high-quality leather pieces that have a limited lifetime guarantee, too! 

Shop for your Work Essentials from Sarge Leather Company online today and elevate your work traveling experiences with luxury leather!

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Sporting Life

People who love to hunt enough to travel to great hunting destinations know that quality supplies can help to make or break your hunting trip, which is why it’s important to invest in high-quality accessories that can withstand wear and tear. That’s why our team has curated a line of hunting sport accessories crafted from finest top-grain leather designed to make your next hunting adventure smoother and more luxurious. With these leather accessories as part of your arsenal, you know that your firearms, your shells, and everything else you need is protected and organized while also looking great, too! You’ll immediately notice the quality of our handcrafted leather Shotgun & Rifle Leather Case or Leather Gun Range Bag, so shop our selection of Sporting Life leather items today. 

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Everyday Living Bags

When it comes to living life on the road, whether you travel a lot as part of your job or you have wanderlust that motivates you to find and explore new and exciting places, everyday luxury can seem out of reach. However, with Sarge Leather Company products by your side, you can enjoy high-quality, luxurious leather items. From the NINO Junior Leather Portfolio for all your notes and thoughts to the Hombre Tote Bag to bring everything you need with you at all times, our everyday leather items are here to create a curated, luxurious experience for your daily life. 

When you’re traveling, it’s always a great idea to kick back with a drink and some friends, so we recommend bringing the FRIO Leather Can Holder with you to ensure a crisp, cold can at all times. Hosting or attending a sophisticated going-away party before your next traveling adventure? Gift yourself or your traveling friend a set of our ARIA Round Leather Coasters or the VIVO Leather 2 Bottle Wine Tote. No matter where you or your friends wander, these handcrafted fine leather items will keep them company and simply get better with age! 

Luxury Leather For Everyday

Our selection of high-quality leather items has been curated out of a passion for luxury that lasts. If you’re looking for a way to improve your traveling experiences and ensure that you have travel bags that you can rely on for years to come, look no further! Sarge Leather Company was created with a passion for handcrafted leather goods, so you know that no matter what you take with you, you’ll have luxury leather that’s designed to last. Shop our wide selection of high quality leather goods online today. Looking for a smaller travel gift to give to a friend who loves to travel? We’ve got you covered there, too! Shop our ROVER Leather Luggage Tag so they can always find their bag, or gift them a TESORO Valuable Leather Zipper Pouch to protect all the small items that can get lost in a suitcase. There are so many options to choose from!

About Our Brand

When it comes to shopping for fine leather goods, Sarge Leather Company is dedicated to being your one-stop shop for leather bags that will elevate your traveling experiences. We are a family-owned business located in the beautiful Greer, South Carolina. Our team and our founders have a passion for fine leather and we know that nothing quite compares to the look, feel, and smell, of high-quality leather, which is why we were determined to curate the best quality materials and most skilled craftsmen. With our team of skilled craftsmen located in Colombia, South America, and the finest, top grain vaquetta cowhide leather, we are able to offer our customers leather bags and goods that impress from the first glance. Because we pride ourselves on top-quality standards and workmanship, you can rest assured that you’ll notice the quality of our bags and that they’ll stand the test of time, too. Because we’re so confident and committed to the quality of our leather, we offer our customers a lifetime guarantee, too. 

So what are you waiting for? With high-quality, luxury leather bags that were made to travel the world with globetrotters like you, Sarge Leather Company is your top choice for your next duffel, backpack, messenger bag, and more. Learn more and shop our wide selection of curated, handcrafted leather travel bags online today. 

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