4 Things to Take to the Gun Range

4 Things to Take to the Gun Range

The gun range is a great place to spend an afternoon. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your friends or family members to work on your shooting skills, as well as bond together in a fun way. But before you head out, there are some gun accessories that you might want to take with you.

Ear plugs (to protect your hearing) 

Ear plugs are an absolute must for gun range visits. Even if you’re shooting at a gun range with state-of-the-art sound baffling, you still need to protect your ears while there!  There will be gun enthusiasts firing off rounds all around you, and the sound of each gun shot is very loud. 

man loading up pistol bag

Eye protection (to keep the gun’s blast from damaging your eyes) 

Eye protection is also very important at gun ranges. Even if you’re shooting with a gun fitted with only iron sights, the gun’s blast can still cause damage to your eyes or even blindness! There are gun ranges that even allow the use of gun scopes, which means there’s zero tolerance for not wearing eye protection.

Gloves (to keep gun oils off of your hands and provide a bit of padding when handling hot guns) 

It’s crucial to wear gun gloves when you’re at the gun range, because gun oils can seep into your skin and cause rashes. Also, don’t forget that guns are metal objects which heat up with every shot fired! When handling hot guns or even ammo clips after firing off a few rounds, it would be very painful not to protect your hands.

man holding leather ammo case and rifle case
leather travel bags

Cleaning supplies (you’ll need to clean up after yourself, don’t forget!) 

It’s always best to be prepared and take gun cleaning supplies with you to the gun range. You don’t want to leave your gun dirty, as that will only lead to a longer gun-cleaning session. Also, gun owners aren’t allowed at most gun ranges without proper protection (gloves) or their guns themselves! 

Gun accessories like gun gloves, ear plugs, eye protection and gun cleaning supplies are all essentials to bring with you on your next gun range trip. Don’t forget to check out our supply of premium leather gun cases!

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