About Our Leather

Colombian Vaquetta

Infused with the rugged beauty of cattle that have roamed the wild plains of South America, Vaquetta leather is luxurious and soft. the natural qualities of the leather, such as range marks, creases and scars, are values and allowed to show in the finished product. View these imperfections as confirmation it is the real thing. Colobian leather’s buttery soft feel makes it a luxurious choice.


The ‘Patina’, is the natural ageing effect o fthe bags leather over time. Cherished and admired the effect is almost impossible to replicate without the natural wear and tear from everyday use. The ageing process adds characters and gives the leather a story of its very own, every mark, scratch and crack tells a tale.

Leather Care

All leather loses moisture and oils over time. Every hide is unique and some will have less naturals oils than others will.

Regular moisturizing is recommended to keep the leather in a good condition. Specifically formulated products for cleaning and conditioning often give the best results, but to clean any light dirt a little water with some gentle rubbing should do the job.

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