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Try out Sport Shooting with these 10 Tips!

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Would you like a great way to challenge yourself, destroy some clays, and enjoy the great outdoors? Sport Shooting is a thrilling activity that requires skill, patience, and technique. For those just starting out, these top 10 tips will help you improve your game and take your shooting to the next level.

  1. Follow proper safety procedures. This is a no brainer, but we must include it in our number one spot. Safety is a top priority in sport shooting, but being mindful of the rules can also help keep one methodical during practice and improve your shots. So, make sure you always follow proper procedures: Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, wear eye and ear protection, and always follow the rules and guidelines of the shooting range.
  2. Practice your gun mount and swing technique. A proper gun mount and swing are crucial to hitting your target consistently. Practice mounting your gun smoothly, with the butt of the stock firmly against the meat of the armpit/shoulder and your eyes aligned with the sight. Keep your swing smooth and steady to handle the recoil as naturally as possible and follow through with your shot.
  3. Learn to read the targets. This requires consistent practice and patience. Over time, your reaction speed and timing will improve, but mindful practice is key. Take note of any bad habits that may lose you your shot, and always pay careful attention to the trajectory, speed, and angle of each target.  
  4. Stay focused and in the moment! Sporting clays requires focus and concentration, so don’t get distracted by other shooters or events around you and take your time to prepare and aim for each target.
  5. Use the right gun and equipment. Essentially, make sure you use a gun that fits you properly and feels comfortable to grip for extended periods. Select the right ammunition and chokes for the type of targets you’ll be shooting as well.
  6. Practice different shooting positions. Sporting clays involves shooting targets from various angles, so make sure you practice shooting from different positions such as standing, sitting, or kneeling. You may find one stance feels more stable and comfortable for you than the others, but being versatile can help you develop your technique and adaptability to different shooting scenarios.
  7. Develop a pre-shot routine. Developing a routine can help you stay focused and prepared for each shot, as well as help you always maintain gun safety discipline. This might include surveying your target area, maintaining equipment, visualizing the target trajectory, or taking a few deep breaths before shooting.
  8. Stay relaxed and don’t anticipate the shot. Tension can negatively affect your shooting, so keep cool and avoid unnecessary internal stress. Instead, focus on yourself and follow through with each shot.
  9. Learn from your mistakes. Sporting clays involves a lot of trial and error, so don’t be discouraged by missed targets. Instead, use each miss as an opportunity to learn and improve your technique.
  10. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. It’s a challenging and rewarding sport that offers plenty of opportunities to learn, improve, and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. So, take your time, stay focused, and enjoy the thrill of hitting your targets!

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